Pricelist 2018
The prices are only indicative and will vary from patient to patient. Consult our dentists for exact treatment pricing.
Clinical treatments Price Dalasi
Consultation D 700

Routine check-up
(inc. 4-bite wing x-ray

D 2000
Full mouth examination
(inc. panorama x-ray)
D 3500
Oral health D 700
Fillings (amalgam or plastic) D 1700-5000
Root canal treatment D 4000 per canal
Scaling/polishing D 1700-3000
Pit/fissure sealings D 500 per tooth, D 1700 for four teeth
Extraction D 1500-6000/tooth
Surgical operations D 5000-10000


Crowns From D 25000
Dentures (plastic) D 5000-30000
Steelframe denture On request
Implants On request

Nightguard (soft)
D 3000
Nightguard (hard for TMJ) D 10000
OPG (panorama) X-ray D 2000
Bleach/Whitening D 8000