Newsletter 1
You have been chosen as a friend of Swedent Clinic, Kotu, the Gambia. The reason is either you have been employed/worked there, you are a supplier,good customer or just interested. This letter is supposed to reach you every now and then with some information on what´s happening; if you wish to be taken off the list please send me a mail.(do you know anyone else who could be interested, let me know too)
Since restarting with the new Medical Council last year there have been 4 dentist serving: Lars T, myself, Akke and presently Anders.Patients are coming back and we are now in the process of catching up with maintenance in order to be able to give the 24/7/365 service we are advertising. Servicetechnician Jörgen will travel to the Gambia beginning December to do some servicing. Håkan, too, will pass by to check the generator  
Ineke is the manager based in the Gambia, see photo enclosed, training the nurses, checking the store and doing the accounts besides some clinical work, like bleaching, putting toothjewelleries, polishing. At her side we find Jonfolo in the reception and serving Anders is Isatou, who before worked as a nurse at the Mercyship when visiting Banjul. Cruising 
The old staff have all left for Europe or USA; I am happy for them doing international career, Lamin K and Mami in UK, Lamin Faal,Michael and the 2 Ebrimas in USA, Binta in Sweden. We have had a German technician,Jürgen living in Kotu, helping with dentures since Michael left. Teeth 
Last year we received an extraoral x-raymachine, OPG, that can be of great help for orthodontics Braces  (done by Kjell Carlsson from Sweden) and when we suspect fractures of the jaw. Unfortuneately it was slightly damaged upon arrival but we hope that Jörgen will be able to fix that very soon.
Teethsavers are a bit dormant right now but I hope we can revive it soon. It is very much needed....
Please, have a look at Do contact me for your comments.Thanks for your support and interest.
Stockholm 20041126/LarsGöran Wärn,



Newsletter 1-2005
crocOne month into 2005 we can report the following: the group of Swedish dentists/dental staff enjoyed their stay in the Gambia, visited Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital, Swedent Clinic and many other places. It was not only completely sunny, we have reports on sandstorms but maybe it was just fine for the group was supposed to engage into a course on implantology in the conference hall at the hotel. We are considering to arrange a yearly course/conference at Bungalow Beach Hotel, more on that topic later.  
Sandy Beach
During December/January we have had talks about reviving "Teethsavers,the Gambia". Jette, Jack and Rebecca are all involved in preventive dentistry focused on Africa, especially the Gambia. Jette and her team from the University sent me the results from their study last year confirming the need of more preventive teaching.....In February I will travel to the Gambia and thereafter discuss how we can proceed with the project. Rather if several projects can be melted into one and made stronger! Also see . Anyone with interest in public prevention please let me know,
With me in February/March there will travel two of my friends, PerÅke Köndell and his wife Eva. PerÅke is a specialist of oral surgery and Eva of orthodontics. They will see some patients and give advice and treatment suggestions - later on we are planning for Kjell, the orthodontist who used to visit the clinic,to come back on a regular basis.
 In Sweden there has been a discussion about prices for dental treatment and some have adviced others to go abroad for treatment. We have therefore updated Swedish Dental Association with our addresses incase people seek their advice; Mytravel and Gambia Tourist support also have some information about this option on their homepages.
All for now. Stockholm 2005-01-28/LarsGöran

Newslatter 2 -2005


PerÅke and his wife Eva joined me to the Gambia and we had quite a busy time; Peråke did some operations,see enclosed picture, and Eva saw a few orthodontic patients. Anders left for vacation in Sweden and we have  arranged another dentist for that time. Dr.Anna Melin from Stockholm will stay until end of May when Anders returns. She has been working at Swedish Dental Implant Center (SDIC) in Stockholm where Akke Kumlien, previously at Swedent Clinic, is working, too. We hope to see them both return to Swedent Clinic every now and then. During a short period we have had back up from dr Igi, a Nigerian dentist who has been helping us before. The clinic is supposed to be staffed all year round...
During my stay I had a meeting with dr Pamela Esangbedo who is the Chief Medical Officer; she was very positive to our idea about some common efforts to bring oral health  education to the Gambia. She also pleaded to help to recruite 1 or 2 dentists to work at Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital- candidates please report to me, Swedent Clinic or directly to her.
Per-Åke and Lars Göran treating a patient
The soon be updated with interesting/useful links, photos and the pricelist. Check it every now and then!
Addresses: (dr Pamela E)
LarsGöran Wärn,